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Moving Freight? Our Mississauga-Based Transportation Team Can Help

Cardinal Transportation Inc. specializes in delivering cost-effective solutions for companies tasked with ground shipping their goods across great distances. We provide outstanding drivers, multi-level service and long-term confidence for our customer base. Cardinal Transportation deals with multiple different Trucking Companies across Canada so you don't have to. This relieves stress and saves you money! If you are seeking a responsible trucking company to transport your freight, give our Mississauga-based team a call!

Protect your cargo. We are safe, efficient and dedicated to a job well done. Learn more about our services and then get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your next shipment. Contact Cardinal Transportation Inc. today for a free quote.

You need to focus on taking care of your business. Let us focus on taking care of your freight.

Proudly family owned and operated.

Cardinal Transportation was opened in 1989 by Mac and Steve LaFrance. Over the last 30 years, Mac and Steve have perfected the formula for painless freight movement. Over thousands of shipments, they have moved every type of shipment you can imagine.

Our Mission Statement

At Cardinal our mission is to provide the lowest cost freight, with the best customer service. By choosing Cardinal, you can be assured the job will get done.


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